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Personal Training

Our end goal is to offer an experience that’s worth every single penny. We take pride in knowing we can call our trainers experts in their field as well as  Professionals. Education and  experience are both essential  in the fitness world for Trainers. Because the  Fitness Industry isn’t regulated by an inspector or have a Rep that comes around for an inspection, to check certifications or even share new products, ideas, which equipment works best, or what  the latest studies show like so many other industries. So to be sure we offer the best experiences for every member and client we have taken the initiative to set the bar.

In order to do this we have traveled to over 1000  gyms/fitness Centers as well as training facilities,  so many of them multiple times to experience what is out there by way of equipment, classes, training techniques, trainer techniques, programs,safety, gym set ups and so much more.  While attending gyms, seminars, webinars and training education/centers,We have learned a multitude of techniques and programs  we feel necessary to implement to be certain all of our members/clients are successful in their fitness journey.  Furthering your education in this field is a must and required at Pacific Fitness for all staff this way we are certain we are offering the very best service to our clients but that’s not enough.

So much more than education is required to become a Great trainer, it takes compassion, empathy, drive, motivation, consistency and an abundance of resources to consult with. At Pacific Fitness all of our trainers are required to be certified by one of the top five accredited courses and they always have direct connections to Master Trainers for any and all instances that may present as well as spend a term apprenticing at our facility to be sure they have the experience necessary.  After all, HEALTH IS OUR GREATEST WEALTH.

Meet our trainers

wylie Prowell

ISSA Personal Trainer
ISSA Strength and Conditioning
ISSA Professional Nutrition Coach
Sun Systems for Radiation
Expert Rating for indoor Cycling

Wylie works directly with our youth program on Strength and Conditioning, PAC-FIT STRONG.He also teaches a fantastic  spin class and PAC-Fit. He  Enjoys working with groups and has found fitness to be his passion at a young age. Ideally he has a special place in his heart for senior strength rehab while working with different members and clients. On a more personal side. He enjoys mostly anything outdoors but his passion is Motocross.  When Wylie’s not at the gym you can usually find him somewhere on his dirt bike.

Debra Williams

ISSA Personal Trainer
ISSA Senior Fitness
Total body Strong
Step Class
Specializing in senior fitness

Specializing in Senior Fitness but has also had great success with all ages,  while teaching two amazing classes (Total Body Strong and Steppin’ up with Debbie) , she has really improved a great number of people’s lives. Debra really feels the need to help people get stronger to make everyday challenges such as carrying groceries from the car to the house or even put them away. Things that she herself once struggled with and now  believes everyone can benefit from exercise. Debra  is a wife (“of 45 wonderful years”), mother, grandmother, and great grandmother and a lot of fun!  Crazy to think she is 65! She has overcome some serious health problems herself by decided to take the fitness journey  just 10 years ago and wow look at her now!

Jacob LarsEn

ISSA Personal Trainer
ISSA Sports Nutrition
New Skills Academy Fitness Instructor
Sun Systems for Radiation Safety

Directly works with our youth Strength and Conditioning program with Winston Middle School PAC-FIT STRONG. Jake is originally from Iowa and has his own story of how a Nutritionist changed his whole life and sparked  his career in fitness and nutrition. Jake is a husband and father with great love for his family as well as many passions. While he loves his Harley(s) it’s a toss up between that and Backpacking our Beautiful Great North West. He has some videos on YouTube that you can visit of a couple of his hikes.

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